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Meadows Dental Care is a Palatine dentistry practice that provides exceptional, comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages. Since 1979, we have been helping families in Palatine IL and the surrounding areas of Arlington Heights, Barrington, Hoffman Estates, Inverness and Schaumburg keep their smiles healthy and beautiful.

Palatine, IL Dentist Specializing in Dental Care for Children

Our practice believes in keeping parents well-informed about how important good dental care is for their children. Children should begin seeing a dentist when their first tooth erupts. When your child has a positive, first visit with the dentist, it will make future visits easier as a trusting relationship will be formed. Kids who are not fearful of seeing a dentist and whom actually look forward to dental visits are kids who tend to have long-lasting, healthy smiles.

The doctors and staff at Meadows Dental Care have worked hard to create a warm and comfortable office environment that makes kids feel welcomed and safe.

We have put together some important information about children's dental health to help keep parents informed about some of the challenges you face when it comes to your children's smiles.


Between the ages of 6 and 12 months is when a child's first teeth start emerging through the gums. During this time, it is common for your child to experience gum soreness which can cause him or her to be cranky and irritable. During the time your child is teething, you can alleviate some of the soreness he/she feels by gently massaging the gums with a cold damp rag, a cold spoon or a clean finger.

Watch for Signs of Baby Bottle Decay

It is very important to check your child for signs of baby bottle decay while he or she is teething. Take the time to examine your child's teeth every week and especially the back teeth. Signs to watch for include dullness, spots on the teeth or unusual lines. If you notice any signs of decay, contact our office immediately to schedule an appointment.

Preventing Baby Bottle Decay

The good news about baby bottle decay is that it is preventable. When you're putting your baby down to sleep, instead of giving him or her formula or milk, give him/her a bottle of water instead. Milk and formula contain sugars which can mix with plaque & bacteria in the mouth to cause acids to attack the new, vulnerable teeth.

Taking Good Care of Your Child's Primary Teeth

Even though your child will only have his or her primary teeth for a few years, these first teeth are very important. Without primary teeth, your child will be unable to chew food properly and may have difficulty speaking clearly. These first teeth are also crucial to jaw development and especially at around the age of 7 when the primary teeth begin to loosen. Your child's primary teeth help guide the permanent teeth into their proper positions in the jaw. For these reasons, your child's primary teeth should be monitored closely.

Children who are missing primary teeth due to them being lost prematurely, should see a dentist right away. A space maintainer may be used to encourage the proper growth pattern of permanent teeth. Ignoring this necessary treatment can result in the permanent teeth coming in crooked which can lead to even more significant problems that require more extensive and expensive treatment later in life.

It is very important to teach your young child how essential good dental health is. Take the time to teach your child how to care for his or her teeth and gums so your child gets on the right path toward having a healthy and attractive smile that can last a lifetime. Remember that children can have problems with their teeth just like adults can so keep an eye on your child's teeth and teach him or her amazing dental habits!

Your Child's First Appointment with a Palatine Dentist

We recommend bringing your child in for his or her first dental visit at around the age of 1. The most important part of this visit is to make your child feel comfortable with the dentist, our staff and the dental office environment. Having a good first visit helps build trust which will make subsequent visits positive experiences. We encourage you to hold your children on your lap during this first visit with the dentist. We encourage children to talk about any anxiety or fear they feel. Our staff is very experienced in making kids feel comfortable and at ease, which should make you parents feel better as well!

Importance of A Healthy Diet

The teeth, bones and soft tissues of the mouth all require a healthy, balanced diet to sustain optimum health. This is why children should be eating foods from every food group and especially vegetables to minimize the build-up of plaque to help prevent tooth decay. Instead of allowing your child to snack on sugary treats, offer your child something healthier like fresh fruits, vegetables, low fat yogurt and cheese which are all foods that help keep teeth healthy and strong.

How Your Child's Teeth Erupt

Your child's teeth start forming before birth. By the time your child is about four months old, the primary teeth have developed enough to allow them to begin pushing through the gums. These first teeth typically come in in a specific order: Lower central incisors first, then upper central incisors. Then the remaining 20 teeth will emerge at random until about the age of 3. As mentioned earlier, be sure to examine your child's teeth regularly for signs of baby bottle tooth decay and don't forget to schedule your child's first dental visit by the age of 1.

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The doctors and staff at Meadows Dental Care enjoy providing our youngest patients with the dental care they need. We are dedicated to helping children achieve and maintain good oral health so your child can enjoy having a healthy and attractive smile that can last a lifetime. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's teeth, please contact us as we're always here to speak with you or to schedule an appointment for your child or any member of your family.